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Firebat Bourbon & Honey Washed Coffee Beans (340g)

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Firebat Coffee Roasters are a local husband-and-wife team roasting the most delicious coffee from El Salvador! We use this blend in our Brown Butter Coffee custard ice cream.

VARIETY: 50% bourbon washed & 50% bourbon honey
ALTITUDE: 1,500-1,750 MASL

Imagine waking up to the gentle warmth of the sun peeking through your curtains. You brew your new favourite coffee roast and it helps start your day with intention and good vibes. La Sonrisa means smile in Spanish and that is the essence of this roast. La Sonrisa is like a warm hug in a cup, it puts a smile on your face.

The Bean:
This roast is made from 50% washed bourbon beans and 50% honey bourbon beans. Our bourbon varieties are sourced directly from coffee farmers in El Salvador. The washed beans have crisp and clean flavour characteristics, while the honey style adds sweet and fruity layers.

The Roast:
Our La Sonrisa blend is slowly roasted by hand to a medium-dark profile. This creates an expertly balanced, predominantly sweet flavour with a clean aftertaste. We choose the best beans to curate the warm and inviting cup that is characteristic of our LaSonrisa roast. The flavour profile is smooth with a caramel sweetness and a hint of toasted nuts.

Brew Method(s) for La Sonrisa
This roast is lovely for a slow drip method for a sweet, mellow and comforting cup of coffee. La Sonrisa can also be brewed as an espresso. Brewing with an espresso method elevates the acidity creating a citric and vibrant shot.