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Creamery X


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Taste the millionaire lifestyle with these delicious, one of a kind frozen custard and vegan ice cream bars. Only available for a limited time.

Each bar comes with a code redeemable for a free LOTTO MAX ticket. And all proceeds are donated to one of our favourite nonprofits, Friends of Ruby!


Rare Oil Painting  

Taste a modern masterpiece that you can hand down to your next of kin, or lend to museums to get a wing named after you.

Tasting Notes: Olive oil base, finishing with bright and fresh mid-tannins and a hint of oil paint.


Grail Sneaker

This summer’s hottest sneaker drop is ice cold. Unbox a pair of kicks that taste like they’re fresh-out-of-the-box.

Tasting Notes: Distinct note of a fresh-out-of-the-box sneaker, finishing with hints of chocolate.


Private Island

You’ve dreamed of going to tropical islands, now taste what it’s like to own your own. Flavours extracted from beaches fit for potential millionaires.

Tasting Notes: Delicious notes of seawater: salty, sandy and fresh, lingering hints of lychee and orange blossom.


Designer Handbag 

The same luxurious leather bag that costs tens of thousands to put your lip gloss and car keys into, only edible.

Tasting Notes: Rich leather, tannins of smoky notes throughout, finishing with a vibrant floral note.



You can also find LOTTO MAX Dream Bars at pop ups around the city.

Must be 18+. Not available for delivery. Cannot be combined with any discount or deal.