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The 519

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To celebrate Pride month we have created a unique flavour in honour of a local organization that supports all LGBTQ2S+ members. The 519 offers programs ranging from counselling services, queer parenting resources, newcomer's sources, coming out groups, trans programming, and senior’s support. Without this valuable resource many members of our community would not receive the assistance they need. 

The 519 is a sweet cream vanilla custard base (with a pop of colour added in) & tasty bites of rainbow funfetti cake folded in. The perfect way to help out a local organization & enjoy a summertime treat! 

**Half of the proceeds for each pint sold during the month of June will be donated to The 519 to aid them in their continued support of the local community**

Ingredients: Whole Milk, Heavy Cream, Sugar, Egg Yolks, Milk Powder, Salt, AP Flour, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Unsalted Butter, Egg Whites, Sour Cream, Vanilla Extract, Sprinkles (icing sugar, fractionated palm kernel oil, corn starch, glucose, soya lecithin, colours, gum arabic, carnauba wax), Food Colouring